Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weigh in With Doc this morning!

Weigh in and body composition test.
That machine doesn't lie!
It tells how much water I have been drinking
and if I have been working out or not!
I'll also get my B12 cocktail (she adds other goodies to it).
Wish me luck!

My visit to the Doc. went well! I lost 5 pounds of FAT this week and I gained 1 1/2 pounds in lean muscle! That's good cause the muscle burns FAT!
My water is great... Been drinking a 8 oz glass every hour in the hour. Just chugging it...
Did you know that one chug is about an ounce? It takes me 15 seconds to chug 8 OZ of water! EASY!


Simple Southern Happiness said...

Wahoo on the "B" cocktail. They do make you feel good but for me they make me feel hungry.

I have never heard of a body composition test? I would flunk on the water drinking reading. I am not much of a fluid intake person. I do drink water but not a lot.

I like your name, reminds me we sure have been having rainey days.

Thank you for popping in on my blog.

Hope your visit to the doc is to your liking.

Sharr said...

Rainey~* I must know more about this b12 cocktail ... do share ... what is in it?

Really Rainey said...

My Doc. Makes the little B-12 cocktail with a fair amount of B-12, and other B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, thats it... B-12 works the best when administered in shot form or sublingual. I don't usually feel a jolt of energy... but a day later I have more stamina i noticed and i really think it helps me shed fat more efficiently.

Sometimes the B-12 cocktail is something else entirely. My Doctor is a Naturopath.

Janie's World said...

Looks like you will make your goal! All the food looks so good. It's hard to eat healthy and light. Good job.

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