Friday, February 27, 2009

My New Grandson...

Born: February 20th @ 3:30 pm
7lb. 3 oz. 20"
Thirty minutes old!
I'll post more pix this week end.
I have been over at their house helping the new parents. 
But I'm home now. I don't miss the wee hour feedings!
My daughter and her hubby are excellent parents!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


From the rear cover of Clubman- May, 1951

You have to enjoy your work out, or lets face it, it just won't get put into your busy day!

Thats why I walk my dog every morning for 35 minutes! I love those walks... (except on those really cold mornings) and so does my dog Gadget. And as the weather starts to get better so does my mood and energy... Getting some healthy sun so my body will produce vitamin D (or is it K?) for the day. And the fresh air my lungs breathe in makes me feel alive. 

Not only that, but you are doing your dog a huge favor too. Just like us, if we sit around and do nothing we don't burn the calories we take in and we get fat! Its up to us to keep our dogs healthy too. I do admit to putting my dog on the treadmill once in a while... but that's only because its pouring rain and I have already had my turn on the treadmill. I will put Gadget on while I am doing my short yoga stretches after I am done with the treadmill. She loves it as long as I stay with her.

Get out and walk today!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Fed up at how her weight loss was going 
Rainey took serious aim at her target weight!

Weight loss update:

Things are looking up! I lost a pound since the 15th! Yeah, I know... it could be water! But at least my scale is going the OTHER way now! I have really been working it and keeping to 1200 calories with NO starch or sugar!

Sigh... Its so frustrating re-losing weight!

But I really think my workouts are making the difference! And I am feeling stronger and more toned! That, in its self, is worth this extra sweat and tears!

Other Stuff:
Grandbaby is due in two weeks but I think he will be here sooner! My daughter is ready to pop!
I'm so excited! I'm nesting too for some reason... Is that crazy? I'm cleaning and preparing the "gramma crib" and washing bottles (she is nursing I don't know why I am doing that). 

Anyway its any day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Weight Loss Update:
Or perhaps I need to say weight gain update! Both Hubby and I have gained some weight back... So this is a good lesson to post. We have had in house company for two weeks and a couple of business trips and didn't pay attention to our weight loss goals!  We didn't focus on the fact that we are still on our weight loss voyage and neglected to be careful of our food choices and intake.
So the horrid news, I gained 6 pounds! When I got on the scales this morning I was shocked and panicked. I worked so hard for every ounce I have lost... Hubby won't tell me how much he has gained but he said it isn't pretty!

I'm not blaming company or trips, part of this weight loss voyage is learning how to balance good eating habits and exercise along with life's intrusions and excursions! Its like we took a wrong turn on our Voyage!

So... Monday we are back to focusing on our goals! And back on the direction of our Voyage!

Phase Plan: 8 weeks
* Use the NeuroReplete 6 caps per day, 2 morning 2 noon and 2 night. 
* Go back to my omegas.
* Walk 2 miles every morning, 6 days a week.
* Walk another 2 miles in the evening 3 days a week.
* Do Fluidity 2 times a week. Tuesday and Thursday.
* Do balance ball work out 2 times a week. Wed. and Friday.
* Stay on 1000 calories. Low carb high protein. No Starches or Sugar!
* Get a b-12 every 2 weeks.
* Listen to my weight loss meditation every night
* Stay focused!

* To lose 16 pounds by the time I start my hCG round 3 on March 20.
* And to lose 30 pounds total by May 3rd. 2009!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's for lunch?

Being on break from the 500 calories a day is such a treat. Mostly because I get more food choices. The rules are NO starches No sugar, and keep to 1200 calories while on break. Some call this part of the hCG Protocol "Phase 3".

Today was:
Chicken salad
1 Oatmeal/macadamia nut/raisin cookie (Baked with Truvia)

The meal was delicious, filling and healthy!
And under 350 calories!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weight loss update:
I'm on a 8 week break from the hCG Protocol. I am using a modified version of the "Flat Belly Diet" till I can do another round of hCG at the end of March 09. I am maintaining a 3 pound weight from the last injection of hCG fairly easily.

New Food Photos:
The eight week break is a nice change from the limited food selection I am allowed on the strict very low calorie days while taking the hCG.

Here are my Shredded Sweet Potato Pancakes, 
browned in virgin coconut oil. (Has NO coconut taste)
They were delicious! 

Here is my Chicken Tortilla soup I made last night.
 It was just perfect for a dark stormy night like last night! 
Everyone loved it! 
I photographed the left overs today.
Keep checking back for new photos... 
My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks. 

Sunday, February 01, 2009

They tried, they just couldn't pull it off... What an intense game tho! 
Oh well...  onto Hockey! 

Go Cardinals!

Its Super Bowl Sunday in my home today... I am NOT a football fan but when its the team of your city, going to the Super Bowl, it gets your attention and you can't help get caught up in the excitement.  Hubby is a fan and has season tickets. So we are having a party!

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