Wednesday, February 18, 2009


From the rear cover of Clubman- May, 1951

You have to enjoy your work out, or lets face it, it just won't get put into your busy day!

Thats why I walk my dog every morning for 35 minutes! I love those walks... (except on those really cold mornings) and so does my dog Gadget. And as the weather starts to get better so does my mood and energy... Getting some healthy sun so my body will produce vitamin D (or is it K?) for the day. And the fresh air my lungs breathe in makes me feel alive. 

Not only that, but you are doing your dog a huge favor too. Just like us, if we sit around and do nothing we don't burn the calories we take in and we get fat! Its up to us to keep our dogs healthy too. I do admit to putting my dog on the treadmill once in a while... but that's only because its pouring rain and I have already had my turn on the treadmill. I will put Gadget on while I am doing my short yoga stretches after I am done with the treadmill. She loves it as long as I stay with her.

Get out and walk today!

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