Sunday, February 15, 2009


Weight Loss Update:
Or perhaps I need to say weight gain update! Both Hubby and I have gained some weight back... So this is a good lesson to post. We have had in house company for two weeks and a couple of business trips and didn't pay attention to our weight loss goals!  We didn't focus on the fact that we are still on our weight loss voyage and neglected to be careful of our food choices and intake.
So the horrid news, I gained 6 pounds! When I got on the scales this morning I was shocked and panicked. I worked so hard for every ounce I have lost... Hubby won't tell me how much he has gained but he said it isn't pretty!

I'm not blaming company or trips, part of this weight loss voyage is learning how to balance good eating habits and exercise along with life's intrusions and excursions! Its like we took a wrong turn on our Voyage!

So... Monday we are back to focusing on our goals! And back on the direction of our Voyage!

Phase Plan: 8 weeks
* Use the NeuroReplete 6 caps per day, 2 morning 2 noon and 2 night. 
* Go back to my omegas.
* Walk 2 miles every morning, 6 days a week.
* Walk another 2 miles in the evening 3 days a week.
* Do Fluidity 2 times a week. Tuesday and Thursday.
* Do balance ball work out 2 times a week. Wed. and Friday.
* Stay on 1000 calories. Low carb high protein. No Starches or Sugar!
* Get a b-12 every 2 weeks.
* Listen to my weight loss meditation every night
* Stay focused!

* To lose 16 pounds by the time I start my hCG round 3 on March 20.
* And to lose 30 pounds total by May 3rd. 2009!



Magnolia Memories08 Seeing With The Heart said...

I am so glad others fall off the wagon. Staying on a diet is the
hardest thing for me. It should be
so easy beacause it is just me. But
some days I just have to have chocolate to get me a pick up.
That's a real good excuse isn't it.
I just found your blog. It is very
encouraging for me. Have a great day.

Really Rainey said...

Thanks Vikki! Yes, its not been easy but I lost 25 pounds since Oct 22nd. But just gained back that last 5. But I am very encouraged and motivated to lose it again! It's just hard, mentally, to re-lose those pounds.
Thanks for visiting and come back when you need encouragement or anytime. I post a lot of healthy food pix.


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