Thursday, February 12, 2015

Easy Healthy breakfast...

To start your busy day.

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I don't very often buy processed/packaged foods but sometimes you just need a little help in the kitchen on busy days. So look for the most healthy helpers and go for it once in a while! 
I had a coupon to try this "Seeds of Change Seven Whole Grains rice" and hubby and I both loved it!

I grilled a Tri-Tip Steak, sliced a ripe red tomato and put this packet of Seven Whole Grains rice in a little cast iron skillet to warm it up. Its fully cooked! (You can warm it up in the microwave too, but I don't cook in the microwave)  It looked a little lonely so I quickly shredded a carrot into the skillet with the rice, then thought it needed some green so I julienned a handful of fresh spinach and tossed that in too. Heated it up adding 1/2 tablespoon of fresh butter to finish it off.
What a wonderful meal! I served hubby one cup and myself 1/2 cup and I had 1/2 cup left over.

So this morning, I popped it back into the skillet with 1/2 pat of butter and scrambled an egg. Quick, delicious and I'm ready for the day! 


Monday, February 09, 2015

Weight update

Its official, I've lost 21 pounds since Nov. 10 2014! And three inches off my hips! And that's even having the FLU all last week. I did eat less, but I wasn't able to work out or go for my walk. Its a slow process. Ive been shooting for a 2 pound a week weight loss. This slow pace insures a better chance of keeping off the weight and lets my skin catch up so i don't have so much loose skin. I also dry brush and use coconut oil on my skin everyday. I've been using Weight Watchers Points Plus too. I really like the program, its so easy to just watch my points rather than counting calories all the time. HOWEVER: I do stay aways for a lot of processed food with WW allows and too much fruit. Fruit and Veggies are 0 points on WW Plus. Basically I stay away from too much sugar and packages/processed foods. I have to with the Insulin Resistance.

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