Thursday, June 24, 2010

Foodie Friday! South Beach Snack

Here is an easy snack perfect for the South Beach Diet and a hot afternoon!
Celery with goat cheese and a Virgin Mary!
This will fill you up and satisfy you all at the same time!
(See my cucumber goat cheese snack here.)


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 1/2 pounds are back...

I'm not sure is they are muscle or fat or water (cause I am not seeing my Doc weekly now) either way... Not too good especially since I have been adding carbs back into my life! Ok take a breath, don't panic its only 2 and a half pounds (Yeah... right now...) I have a plan:

This week:
  • Back on South Beach Phase 1 (the strictest phase) No problem, its easy and I love the food!
  • Back to T-Tapp everyday (went to every other day to give my muscles a rest, guess they rested too much!
  • Aunt Flow just left too. Whew glad to see her gone... (That actually could be the whole gain problem, we'll see)
  • I had been getting my outside carido swimming but I do't think its enough... I hate to say this... but either I get up at O-Dark Thirty and walk or get on the treadmill.   I mean that is why we bought it... for those summer daze when its 205 in the shade and too hot to walk out there. *Sigh*
Day 1
6 oz V8
Han and cheese omelet with ham and cheese
Morning snack: Large celery stalk with herbed goat cheese
Lunch: Large/ shredded parsley chicken & field green salad with seasme/ginger dressing
Afternoon Snack: Large celery stalk with herbed goat cheese
Dinner: Grilled steak and large homegrown sliced tomato and sweet onion salad with South Beach approved Ranch dressing.
No dessert today

Here's a little funny to start your week!
(I don't endorse or use Slimfast)

Enjoy your week I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Journey Continues...

 I'm still on my journey to getting fit and fabulous! I wasn't blogging about it for a week because I had three of my Grandkiddos at my house for a week, all under the age of 6! If you follow me on Facebook you know how busy  was! So this week I have been reintroducing carbs back into my life... With the Strict HCG diet (55 days) and the strict first 2 weeks of the South Beach Diet done I'm able to start to eat more things now... And carefully add carbs... as to now gain back those 28 pounds of fat that are now gone!

Here is my breakfast this morning:

Coffee and a slice of my homemade Zucchini Bread, pineapple chunks and a strawberry.

I have also been using this book... 
A self hypnosis (or meditation) CD before bed... 
Its amazing how differently I look at food now... 
nd how easily it is to KNOW when I am full and to stop eating!

The Author; Paul McKenna has an great outlook on life and living and I enjoy his voice as I drift off to sleep... My mind learning to apply these skills while I sleep. You can find the book by clicking on the Amazon link or at your public library...

I highly recommend checking it out!

Tonight I had homemade chicken and spinach cannelloni. Pasta really isn't on the South Beach Diet but when a neighbor brings you a few sheets of homemade pasta you say thank you very much and have it for dinner! 

I had that and a glass of white wine
on the patio and I was very happy.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

South Beach Diet meals today...

These recipes are amazing... 
I am really loving the South Beach Diet. 
Mostly because I love to cook, also because it will be easy to turn eating like this into a way of life!

Yesterday we had:

Scrambled Eggs (2 egg whites and one yoke) and a slice of Canadian bacon and 4 oz of V8 juice.

South Beach friendly broccoli/cheese soup and some crunchy radishes.

Soy/Ginger glazed grilled pork chops, steamed snow peas and cauliflower "rice".

Warning: Don't click on that pork chop photo if you are hungry!

I'm using this book right now... 
Its amazing and there some new recipes in it that I am going to try first.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Slight Detour...

On the way to the South Beach Diet... we took a little trip to Disneyland!

But that didn't mean we couldn't eat healthy and in fact made it a fun game to eat healthy at Disneyland! It was actually quite easy!

So we were able to eat healthy and get our walking in! 
Five miles a day at least!

So we are back home and I'm going to cook my way through the

By Dr. Agaston MD
Join me for some fun and tasty recipes and photos.

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