Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 1/2 pounds are back...

I'm not sure is they are muscle or fat or water (cause I am not seeing my Doc weekly now) either way... Not too good especially since I have been adding carbs back into my life! Ok take a breath, don't panic its only 2 and a half pounds (Yeah... right now...) I have a plan:

This week:
  • Back on South Beach Phase 1 (the strictest phase) No problem, its easy and I love the food!
  • Back to T-Tapp everyday (went to every other day to give my muscles a rest, guess they rested too much!
  • Aunt Flow just left too. Whew glad to see her gone... (That actually could be the whole gain problem, we'll see)
  • I had been getting my outside carido swimming but I do't think its enough... I hate to say this... but either I get up at O-Dark Thirty and walk or get on the treadmill.   I mean that is why we bought it... for those summer daze when its 205 in the shade and too hot to walk out there. *Sigh*
Day 1
6 oz V8
Han and cheese omelet with ham and cheese
Morning snack: Large celery stalk with herbed goat cheese
Lunch: Large/ shredded parsley chicken & field green salad with seasme/ginger dressing
Afternoon Snack: Large celery stalk with herbed goat cheese
Dinner: Grilled steak and large homegrown sliced tomato and sweet onion salad with South Beach approved Ranch dressing.
No dessert today

Here's a little funny to start your week!
(I don't endorse or use Slimfast)

Enjoy your week I'll keep you posted!


A Year on the Grill said...

Poor Mike... It's always tough when the in-laws visit...

Don't be a slave to the scale. measure by buttons, not half pounds (especially while you have your aunt visiting).

Sharr said...

love the funny ...
I always wanted to have a divorce cake with a bride kicking the groom off the top of the cake...
2 lbs is nothing ! probably water weight.
I know this journey is a struggle..
But look at YOU ... you look amazing...

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