Thursday, June 24, 2010

Foodie Friday! South Beach Snack

Here is an easy snack perfect for the South Beach Diet and a hot afternoon!
Celery with goat cheese and a Virgin Mary!
This will fill you up and satisfy you all at the same time!
(See my cucumber goat cheese snack here.)


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Rebecca said...

YUM!!! Great blog! Glad I found you through Holly's blog! I would LOVE that same snack but I'd substitute the V8 juice for Clamato since I loooooove Caesars!!!

susan said...

I am so happy for you! You have turned this into a life style and a delicious one at that. I love goat cheese--just had a wonderful fried goat cheese appetizer . I guess that's not on South Beach :)? V* is very filling to me, but I like to get the low sodium kind!

Sharr said...

oh my gosh sorry I haven't commented in awhile been busy ... SO busy...
this looks AMAZING but I think all of your treats look delicious.
I am starting second protocol in a few days ...
I thought I gained 5 lbs but only 2 looks like this hypothalmus thing is really doing a reset.

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