Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Day on The South Beach Diet

Here is what we had today...
Its nice to have more calories and choices!
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

For breakfast:
Canadian Bacon/cheese and green onion eggs (2 eggs only one yoke)

& Mocktail Mary (V-8 and horseradish and celery, and fresh cracked pepper)
* * * * *

For lunch:
Bison patty with confetti coleslaw and homegrown tomato
* * * * *

For snack:
Cucumber/herbed goat cheese sandwiches - minus the bread.

* * * * *

For dinner:
Steamed Halibut with sauteed squash ribbons.
* * * * *

For dessert:
Chocolate Ricotta "Yuck"
(Yeah, we didn't like this at all! I think it was the texture. Someone said to get a different ricotta cheese and that makes a difference, but I think I'll pass altogether and skip dessert.)
No * 's


Anonymous said...

Babe it was all outstanding, and you just keep outdoing yourself.
Thanks. I am with you all the way

A Year on the Grill said...

Now we are talking.. a great day's worth...

But chocolate cheese???

Really Rainey said...

Hey Dave...
The Chocolate cheese was YUCKY! But you don't know till you try... But you know I will play with the recipe to make a dessert we CAN have and tastes too.

Anonymous said...

I made vanilla-and used Watkins PURE vanilla.but the trick is to mix, mix, mix. I tried many methods and my favorite is a standard dinner is out favorite dessert ( really, it is)some sliced almonds make is special indeed!

Sharr said...

Don't take this the wrong way ...
But will you marry me...
I think I need a wife and not a husband ... and if they cook the way you do... well I am set for life .
Looks delish.
Tried the fauxtatoes which the consistency did not come out well. but it was freaking delicious.
and my Bama Boy totally had seconds..

Really Rainey said...

Hey Sharr... *laffin* Get the Taste of Summer cookbook (at the library or click on my Amazon link) and cook along with me! I I was having a little trouble with consistency with my fauxtatoes too but I think the ticket is letting them drain really well. Mine were really runny at first.
Also if you are making them on the HCG diet you can't add butter or cream cheese like I am now and that makes a WORLD of difference. Now that I am off the HCG for a while I am making them with the cream cheese and OMG Sharr... Life IS good.
I am on my Hcg break and I am not planning on maintaining... I'm still losing! I'm not ready to reset my hypothymas yet!
Thanks for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

Wow.!!Those food look so yummy and very nutritious.I love the dessert,Good job and keep it up always.!

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