Monday, May 03, 2010


The Hcg Protocol is also called Pounds and Inches. Because you lose pounds AND inches. You lose fat in places that are hard for crunches to get to. Hopefully today I lost inches... The scale didn't move this morning. Tomorrow is my weekly Doc. appt, and weigh in. Also last night I had beef. And I tell ya... I'm thinking beef doesn't work for me on the Protocol. Even the most lean cut of beef. Last night we had a beef filet. And looking back at my log book, its starting to dawn on me that I can't eat beef! And I love a good steak.
So NO more beef while I am on Protocol!
(Only 15 more days!)

Yesterday for lunch we had:
Roasted Chicken nuggets (No breading) and tomato parsley salad.
(Yes, we ate the parsley, if was fresh from my garden.)

Last night for Dinner we had:

Grilled beef filet tenderloin and a large salad with ginger dressing.

We also had fresh strawberries for desert:


Erika said...

Mmmm. Ginger dressing? Did you whip that up yourself? If so, care to pass on the recipe? :)

Sunny Kay said...

I'd also love your ginger dressing recipe!

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