Saturday, May 01, 2010

Goodbye to 17 pounds!

Goodbye Graphic #30

I have lost 17 and hubby has lost 15!
Since April 5th 2010.
We have 18 more days on the strict calorie and specific food list Hcg diet.
Then we can up the calories and eat more of a variety.
But NO starch or sugar for three weeks.

I added the T-Tapp work out combined with the walking and the fat is melting away!
I still feel great with lots of energy.
I still take a half hour to an hour rest in the afternoon if I am home.
The better sleeps you get on this diet the better your weight loss.

I picked produce and canned peaches and made pickles Thursday. That took a lot of energy!
I may have over done it that day....
I was extremely exhausted.
But it was a satisfied tired.
I got in the hot tub and relaxed then went to bed at 9:00am.
It was an awesome day!

For lunch yesterday we had:
Grilled Bison Burger and cucumber salad

Last night for dinner we had:

Apple chili Mahi Mahi with sauteed asparagus.

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