Saturday, May 15, 2010

Broke the "stall"

Finally some progress!
But I must remember that sometimes its pounds and sometimes its inches.

So now that I am down to the last week I need to decide what kind of nutritional plan I will be following after the Hcg is out of my system. To reset my hypothalamus gland and for these last 45 days to be a success and so I don't gain ANY weight back I need to follow the strict rule of NO starch and NO sugar. But after that I can eat everything else. So I am looking at South Beach. That can easily become a lifestyle way to eat for us. Plus I love to cook. That nutritional plan was made for people like me! But I am also going to combine two programs, because I have a friend who was very successful on the "Flat Belly Diet".
So I will incorporate that plan in after my three weeks is up.
Then I will be able to maintain a while till I can one more round of Hcg.
So that's the plan.

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