Friday, May 14, 2010

22.6 pounds and...

...the countdown has started!
I have 7 more injection days left and 7 more pounds to lose...
I don't usually lose a pound a day on this Protocol so my goal looks a million miles away!
All I can do is keep trying...

Today for breakfast I had:
Baked apple chunks with cinnamon and Truvia

For lunch I had:
1/2 cup of low fat Cottage cheese, green onion tops and tomato from my garden!

Al Fresco!

For dinner we had "simmered all afternoon Marinara" and Bison Meatballs.

I will post the recipe for this on Sunday!

1 comment:

Sharr said...

wow remind me to move in with you ...
it looks delicious as always.
How did you bake the apples I have been tempted to try that ...
I am not huge on cinnamon and it is so good for weight loss.

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