Monday, May 10, 2010

Waving goodbye to 20 pounds!

I did it!
I met my mini goal a day early!
That doesn't mean I can slack off tho...
I still have another goal to reach.
Another 10 pounds by May 25th!
Today for lunch: 4 oz Grilled chicken salad with Boston lettuce leaves.
(Click on the photos to enlarge)

1 pre grilled chicken breast- diced
1 dill pickle-diced
1/8 red or sweet onion-diced
1/2 teaspoon Grey Poupon mustard
a few sprigs of fresh Lemon Thyme or Dill (or any dried herb you like)
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Place chicken in mini food processor and process till small chunks
Add onion and pickle and Thyme, salt, pepper and mustard
Process till smooth or desired consistency.
No need for mayo

Roll up a spoon full of chicken salad in a soft lettuce leaf and enjoy!

For dinner we had:
Meat loaf (made with bison) and Mashed Fauxtatoes (made with cauliflower)
If anyone is interested I will post the recipes... Just ask :)

Have a great night...
And Keep Moving that body and feed it the good stuff!



heather D said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing blog. I was wondering if you would recommend this to someone who needs to lose 40 pounds. Do you gain the weight back? Is it super difficult to live? You make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing.

Really Rainey said...

Hi Heather! Thank you very much! I strive to inspire people through food! Diet food doesn't have to be icky! So my answer is YES! I would recommend this diet to anyone needing to lose 20 pounds or more. To get more information on the Hcg Protocol click on the box on the very right top of my blog. I do the Hcg and I do T-Tapp both. I started April 5, 2010 and as of today have lost 20 solid pounds of fat. And I know its fat because my Doc. does a body composition test that tells me my fat, muscle, water ratios. I feel really good too, energetic and stronger every day. NO you shouldn't gain the weight back if you do the diet the correct way. And no its not too difficult, I will have been on it for 45 days when I am done with my round I will go from 500 calories to 1100. But remember, the Hcg burns at least 2000 calories from your fat stores... so you are really burning 2500 calories a day. Then for the next three weeks I will not have STARCH or ADDED SUGAR. Then gradually adding back carb foods. Then to maintain I will continue to do T-Tapp and stay active. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. (I had to answer you here because I didn't see an e-mail addy on your profile and no posts on your beautiful new blog.)
Take care there!

heather D said...

Thank you so much. That did help!

Sharr said...

That looks soooooo YUMMY! Please do post the fauxtatoes recipe ...
I am really proud of your progress. You are doing a GREAT job!
I posted somethings that I made ...

Heather D~*
I really recommend this diet .. It is really strict.. but gotta say... it is the first time I have felt in control of my life.. body and everything else.

Have a great Tuesday!

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