Tuesday, May 11, 2010

21 Pounds are outta my way!

Doc. weigh in went very well today... My weight loss has slowed in the way of pounds but the body comp. test shows I am losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass! And that is what we all want!

Here is what we had for lunch:

Shrimp Cocktail for TWO on the patio:

Mocktails on the patio this evening while we were waiting for our fish to bake:

ZERO calorie "Raspberry Mocktail"

Dinner was baked fish with steamed baby bok choy and my La Croix Cran-Raspberry seltzer water with a raspberry/mint spear.

Click on any photo for maximum enjoyment!
(But don't lick your computer screen)


Sharr said...

oh my gosh that looks soooo unbelievably yummy....
and I already ate... :D

Really Rainey said...

It was really good Sharr. I used our bread sticks to lightl bread the fish and baked it! I"m gonna make that again!

Kate Benson said...

K- seriously? You are one dang good cook! I am DYING at all your yummy meals you make and so sad at the same time that you don't post your recipes along with the photos. You really need to, I am having the hardest time eating bland food :(

Good job on your weight loss... doesn't it feel terrific?

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