Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Fed up at how her weight loss was going 
Rainey took serious aim at her target weight!

Weight loss update:

Things are looking up! I lost a pound since the 15th! Yeah, I know... it could be water! But at least my scale is going the OTHER way now! I have really been working it and keeping to 1200 calories with NO starch or sugar!

Sigh... Its so frustrating re-losing weight!

But I really think my workouts are making the difference! And I am feeling stronger and more toned! That, in its self, is worth this extra sweat and tears!

Other Stuff:
Grandbaby is due in two weeks but I think he will be here sooner! My daughter is ready to pop!
I'm so excited! I'm nesting too for some reason... Is that crazy? I'm cleaning and preparing the "gramma crib" and washing bottles (she is nursing I don't know why I am doing that). 

Anyway its any day!

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