Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I only lost 1/2 pound. Its ok tho... my scale is moving in the right direction! As long as its moving downward I will be happy. I am babysitting the Grands.... over at their house so I am on my way over there. I have packed my lunch and my dinner ingredients and I will prepare dinner over there and bring it home so Hubby and I don't have to eat at 7:00 tonight. I'll take photos!

1/2 Ruby Red Grapefruit and a cuppa tea.
Drinking a togo cuppa tea till I get to the kids house...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post..!!Losing weight is not that easy,I still want to congratulate you for losing 1/2 pounds..!!I know you can do it,just have a proper diet,drink a lot of water and work out everyday..!I love Grapefruit a lot..hahah.!!Keep it up and good luck!

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