Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Weight Today...

As of this morning I have lost 11 pounds! I still feel great, have lots of energy and haven't been starving and am losing Fat. I have been losing a little muscle. But that has slowed down now that my body is adjusting and learning to burn the fat stores, not what I am eating as energy!

My Lunch Today:
Shrimp WanTon Soup

My Dinner tonight:

Chicken spinach roulades


A Year on the Grill said...

Rock on with your skinny self!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog..!!I would like to congratulate you in your loss weight..!Keep it up,the Shrimp WanTon Soup is really yummy and nutritious..!

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Allison and Mason: said...

So I have to ask... where do you get all these recipes? You don't put all your recipes online and that makes me sad because they look delicious. My husband is starting the HCG diet tomorrow and I will be a frequent visitor to this blog. I want to support him the best I can!!

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