Monday, April 05, 2010

Our Hcg Journey

Today is the first day of the "Very Low Calorie Diet"
Day One and day Two:

Inject with 130 units of HCG. Then eat foods high in fat content- the purpose of this is to insure that it is clear to the body to use fat as energy.
The first two days of this diet you inject with Hcg and you eat calories with fat. Some people like to gorge but that gives me a tummy ache so I just try to eat food with butter and natural fat and stay away from sugar... course I do try to eat things that I will miss while on this strict diet too. So I did have some cheesecake! But when you eat too many calories you can gain up to an extra three pounds and who wants to do that?

For the next 38 days we are injecting with HCG and we are going to only consume 500 calories.

I am journaling all the food and activities.

The "we" is Hubby and I.

The rules are simple:
Consume 500 calories from a very restrictive list.
Walk a mile
Drink 100 oz of water

We have doen this diet before... its called phases... and I lost 26 pounds... This phase, I would like to lost 30 pounds and Hubby wants to lose 30 also. We have 62 days to do that. Because you can only inject for 40 days. Then you MUST take a break. The other day's are going back to over 1000 calories but (NO STARCH OR SUGAR). After the 64 days are up you slowly add starch back into your diet.

I will once again photograph what we eat each day and our activities. I will also post how much we each lost that day.

Once a week we measure and I have been taking a photo of my face everyday.

So I will add to this post tonight...

The first week of VLCD is so hard! I have energy but my tummy feels empty... It helps having water with lemon or lime... if I get too hungry I will take a fiber capsule...

Here was our breakfast: 5 strawberries with Truvia and tea, I had Oolong and Hubby had spice.

Here was our lunch: Low Fat Cottage cheese with tomato and green onion.

This was our dinner: Grilled chicken with grilled asparagus and a grilled onion.

If we get hungry tonight I will take another fiber capsule and start slacking off on the water.

We are off for our one mile walk with our Doggie Gadget... Then a hot tub...

Then early bed... I can't wait to see how much I lost in the morning!

Good night!

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Patty said...

Ha that comic is so cute ;) Good luck with your VLCD!! I know you can do it :)

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