Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This week is going fast!

I lost perhaps a 1/2 a pound. I usually weigh in at 8:00am every morning but I have to go to my Son's house to babysit the kiddo's today and my daughter in law, who works at a hospital, leaves early, so I have to be there early. So my morning schedule is off a bit.

Doc. put me up to 180 units to inject today... just a little increase from last week. She is trying to get the dosage adjusted to where I am urning fat efficiently and not hungry at all... I have been ok tho. Not too hungry but now with the added exercise (T-Tapp) we bumped it up. We will see how I feel.

Tonight we are hosting my father in law's birthday dessert... Cake and Ice cream over here. Over here because my home can accommodate the entire family and all the kiddos at once.
No cake or ice cream for Mike or Me. Mike wants to at least try a bite... I asked him if he could stop there and he truthfully didn't know. I know I couldn't so I won't try. Besides last week when I was babysitting i had a bits of a a cookie and it was SO SWEET I didn't like it... I have been TOTALLY off sweets for 17 days, so when you do taste them they taste different. Almost too sweet if there is such a thing. I'll be fine... I hope hubs will. I don't miss sweets as much as I miss potatoes. They are my downfall. But you should see how good my blood pressure and my blood sugar is! Its amazing in just 17 days you can make such a difference in your health.

I would like to remind people that you CAN NOT be on a 500 calorie (VLCD) without the aid of Hcg. You own't make it folks... you will get faint, then your body will start using muscle for energy and you will get flabby and you will gain it back as soon as you stop... No if's and or big buts. The Hcg goes in and finds the fat reserves and burns them as energy.

These are what I use everyday:

I eat an apple everyday on this Protocol.

I inject myself with Hcg. every morning, the dosage depends on the Doc. No big deal... small needles and I don't even feel it...
You can also use the sublingual drops.

I use these spices in all my cooking:

And I drink these teas every day... (But now I also use Truvia) These teas are beneficial in weight control, detoxing antioxidants and appetite control. I have a cup hot in the morning... then sip my sweet iced tea all day (along with 100 oz of water). Then usually a cup of hot chamomile at night.

I'll post more later today...


Anonymous said...

Well,even though you only lose 1/2 pound..!!I still want to congratulate you on your weight loss..!!Belated happy birthday to your father in law..!!!HGC is really effective in losing weight,Good job and keep it up..!!Thanks for sharing.

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flarffy2000 said...

I have a dumb question... What does the Bragg's liquid amino do? Is is just for flavoring? I read in a different post that you used it in a dressing. Thanks so much!

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