Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apple Day

I haven't really "Stalled" but TOM was here. Its been four days since I have had any significant change, so I did a apple day today. When I do an apple day, I usually pick a Sunday when we have no family obligations and call it "Spa Day"

I slept in till 9:00am... Had tea on the patio with the Sunday paper, took a long shower, did my toe nails pretty, I even painted little flowers on my mamma toes ... Took a nap listening to the sound of a running stream. Read my book. Took an evening walk with my dog... And ate 3 (I'm supposed to eat 6) apples and sipped minted iced tea all day. That's it... That is all I ate. I am heading out to the hot tub now then going to be in bed at 9:00pm.

Apple days work really well for me when I do it this way.


A Year on the Grill said...

no blue cheese and crackers???

do you listen to books on tape???

I just finished son of a witch and a lion among men, the two sequels to Wicked. I walked ever word of them, happy to loan them out if you are looking ofr motivation to get walking

Anonymous said...

Great post,an evening walk with your dog seems so nice and fun..I like it,my Dog and I usually take a walk every morning.!!I'll try in the evening..Minted iced tea taste good and apple as well..!

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