Monday, April 19, 2010

Successful Apple Day!

I dropped another pound and a half yesterday doing an apple day... I am no longer carrying around 12 1/2 pounds of fat! Tomorrow morning weigh in will let me know if I broke the stall.

I start T-Tapp today after my morning walk. I'm excited to add T-Tapp to my diet routine. Its supposed to really enhance the Hcg Protocol. By toning muscle so when as the fat melts off toned muscles show. Also with Hcg and T-Tapp there will be NO sagging skin at all.

I have a personal 30 minute playlist on my iPod that I made for myself to keep me motivated and to keep my tempo. But a friend of mine suggested an iBook while walking... What a great idea! I think I will try that in the morning... for some reason my morning walk is a little boring... I LOVE my evening walk... there are other people out and about, kids playing at the park I walk past and other dogs to say hello to. It really is more of a social walk although I still keep my tempo when I am walking. Thanks for the suggestion Dave!
I think I will just get them from the library instead of you shipping them from the Virgin Islands Dave, and thank you so much for the suggestions and for being my cheering section!

I will be posting more later today...


A Year on the Grill said...

just for fun, next time you are in the grocery store, grab a 10 pound sack of potatoes and walk around the store... 10 pounds is a big deal

Really Rainey said...

Yeah... And I feel it when i'm out walking... You lost 11 pounds didn't you?

Anonymous said...

You are great,no doubt..!!Congratulations to your weight loss.!!Good job and keep it up.!Just a suggestion,drink a lot of water and avoid eating unhealthy foods..!!Like your blog.!

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