Thursday, April 08, 2010

I feel great!

I lost another couple pounds (7 and 1/2 pounds total) and I am starting to feel really good! I mean, lots of energy and better stamina... I have upped our walks to 2 miles... One mile in the morning and one mile in the evening... My cardiologist prefers that I break up my walks through out the day anyway. Rather than do all my miles for the day at one time. Yesterday I babysat at my Son's house all day and I was really busy... So I wasn't able to photograph lunch.

For the morning commute I had a travel mug of Yerba Mate Tea with a whole packet of Truvia! YUM! And I had brought some strawberries to snack on but didn't end up eating them cause after the Yerba mate tea I wasn't hungry. Yerba Mate tea is a great appetite suppressant.

I packed my lunch. It was just some deli chicken sliced thick. One piece is 4 0z. and a sliced tomato and lettuce. I made a roll up with it and it was fantastic!

When I got home I had Halibut unthawed in the fridge waiting for me... I fired up my Flip Grill and seasoned the heck outa my fish and plopped them on the grill, while I sliced cucumbers and some red onion and made a homemade dressing of ground ginger, rice vinegar, Bragg's liquid amino and a little Truvia. It took me all of 15 minutes to get dinner ready:

Dinner: Grilled Halibut with Dijon sauce and marinated ginger cucumbers.

I actually had dessert tonight... Just strawberries with Truvia.

And of course the ever present lemon water.
But I am switching to Lime water. For a change.

Doesn't that look refreshing?

And I am making some Iced Sweet Tea with Truvia. I can drink that all day long its so good!

I am also getting ready for a two day yard sale... my Son and daughter and mother in law and us! A huge 4 family yard sale! So I am going to be really busy... Good thing my body is dipping into that stored fat to use as energy! I MUST drink all of my water today!

Also I have a Doc. Appt. Its Weigh in Day! She is going to be pretty happy with my results this week! I know I am! *UPDATE* Doc's scale says I lost 9 pounds, but i'm going with my scale while I do this diet. I only have another 41 days to go!

FRIDAY= Yard sale Day:


I call these "Scorpion shrimp in the grass" cause they look like scorpions when you "butterfly" them and grill them like that and because I put a dash of Cholula Sauce on them just before serving to give them that "sting". Served on a bed of julienne spinach with lemon dressing.

We are having "Fried" chicken and steamed cabbage for dinner:
Will update later... Yard sale went well... doing it again in the morning... Going out to work in the garden for a while...

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