Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slow progress...

But Progress non the less! The scale isn't moving too fast, but I feel better and wear my clothes better and I can get up from the floor easier. I have great energy still and I can't complain about any of that!

I am going to cut out the Melba toast this week and see how I do. I really don't like the Melba Toast anyway, I just grind it up and use it for bread crumbs anyway. I am staying home for the next 7 days anyway, so I can really hide from the world and its tempting food choices.
This is the part of this diet that gets hard, the last 20 days. Because you are SO limited on food choices, after the first 21 days you are ready for a change! But if you keep saying to yourself "FOOD IS FUEL FOR MY BODY" and using this as your mantra you can make it through till the end. It really is your state of mind that is going to see you through the tough days.

So I'm moving with T-Tapp and walking, measuring and counting my calories and taking my supplements and using the Hcg. I have 21 more days on the protocol. Then I take a 12 week break. Those weeks are maintenance weeks. The first three weeks, no starch or sugar. Then ease back into a regular diet. Carefully monitoring my weight and any 2 pound change I will have a Steak day to keep my weight where it was when I finished the Hcg round. Then, if at the end of that 12 weeks I am not at the weight I want to be I will do one more 21 day round of Hcg!
I'm over at my Son's and Daughter in law's house babysitting the grand-kiddos, so I brought eggs and salsa for lunch...

And Apple for snack.
Funny thing is... when I eat the eggs with salsa and I eat the apples cup up like this; its what the kids want too... So they eat it with me!

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