Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weight Loss Update:
Well Doc. Logan said "no" to only taking a 3 week break. But she isn't a totally unreasonable person, so after I told her it was like having the key to the treasure chest and not being allowed to open it. We compromised and I am starting on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day, they will be my load days. So that's about 1 week shy of 6 weeks. Hubby is going to start again too! So in 13 days we are back on the hCH Protocol! Yeah!
I have maintained only a 3 pound increase in 3 and a half weeks. That's over Thanksgiving and our one week trip to Disneyland! But Doc. wants to see that 3 lbs., at least, gone using the "high Performance" protocol. She thinks its totally doable by Christmas Eve. 
So there lies my challenge!
Three pounds on my own in 12 days... 
The twelve days of Christmas!

Other Stuff:
My daughter had a 4D ultrasound today! 
Its so amazing to be able to see the baby inside the mother!
 Here is my grandson Preston:

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