Monday, December 08, 2008

Weight loss update:
Meals I ate today... I didn't take a pic of lunch, it was just turkey roll ups with spinach and cream cheese. Tasty tho... And I am actually under 1000 calories so I will have some fresh pineapple for desert.
Breakfast: Egg Beaters 1 egg omelet, 2 tab 2% milk, with 1/4 cup cheddar/jack cheese and 1/4 cup of my fresh homemade salsa. Around 2oo calories or less. 

Dinner: Elk Chili with beans and 2 tab crumbled  Mexican cheese.  Elk is low in calories and fat no cholesterol. Around 350 calories for one cup. 

 Pineapple for dessert?


Missy said...

Rainey! Looks delicious!!!

Especially your salsa! Would you share your recipe? It looks fantastic! LOVE your plates!

I need some new plates! I think I will buy me some "special" ones, and, in a mixture of them so I can enjoy the change daily!

Really Rainey said...

Thanks Missy!
It was pretty good. Especially when I got home from my walk that morning I was starving! But yeah, I'll share my recipe... Post me a PM on the forum with your e-mail address.

You should get new plates! As I mentioned I have been serving the VLCD meals on the larger salad plates so it makes you feel like you are eating more! I always buy two. I have found some really pretty things at thrift stores and antique stores and Marshals and Target!

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