Monday, December 08, 2008

Grilled Fresh Tuna with orange and cilantro marinade, and steamed asparagus with dill. 

Marinade recipe:
The juice of one fresh orange (Can also use lemon or lime)
A Teaspoon of zest
2 Tab. finely chopped cilantro 

I do baste the fish, you can use any firm white fish for grilling, with some coconut oil so it doesn't stick to the grill and it also leaves those wonderful grill marks. 

For you hCGers... That serving is MORE than 100g. Since I am in phase III I can have a larger serving size of protein. Also keep in mind that I use smaller plates.

Weight Loss Update: 
That's what I had for dinner last night because I am back on track with my weight loss. I was really full after I ate that... It was really good too. But that meal was loaded with protein and fiber. This morning the scale was leaning toward another pound gain and I am not going to let that happen! I will be posting my meals and adding pix if they look especially yummy and I am able to snap a pic before I gobble it down! I am on a mandatory break from the hCG Protocol. I will start up again the first week of January. 

So, I will carefully count calories today and stay on my 1000 cal. a day, Plus taking my amino acids twice a day and my 2 mile walks twice today. I have to admit to being REALLY ready to start back on the hCG! I loved seeing those amazing results!

I thought I was going to miss my coffee creamer when I went on the Protocol, and I did a little bit. But when I went into phase III I started using it again and it didn't taste as good as I had remembered. But I drank it anyway cause I only have 2 cups of coffee in the morning (Its the only vice I had left!). Then when we went on our Disneyland trip, we stayed at the Marriott on the concierge level. So in the morning I would put on my velours and get coffee every morning... they always have Star Bucks but they only had half and half creamer... so I used that and my "Sweet and Slender" sweetener and I really liked it! I have always known that the Nestles French Vanilla creamer is terrible for you... with its hydrogenated palm oils and other things I can't pronounce or spell. I was able to wean off that crap and now I enjoy my creamy morning coffee ALL natural. Organic French Roast coffee, Land-O-Lakes half and half and my new found friend Sweet And Slender sweetener. Its all natural, zero calories and tastes better than Stevia.
Its the baby steps people.... That get us to our goals safely!

Other Stuff:
I am also going to try and put up the Christmas tree today... 
SEE "The Project Table" blog tonight, for that little adventure.

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