Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weight Loss update:

Both hubby and I are down 1 more pound this morning! Getting up in the morning is like Christmas for me! I can't wait to get on the scale! That puts my total for this round at 4 pounds dropped since Dec. 24th! I am still taking those amino acids and walking 2 miles every morning, plus Fluidity on Tuesday and Thursday. I added the 10 Minute Solution Pilates spot work out to tone my arms on my days off from Fluidity... Yeah, gotta get rid of the bat wings! I got that work out DVD at CostCo ($9.99). They had a bunch of different ones but I liked this one cause, first of all its 10 minutes and second it really hits the spot! So on my off days from Fluidity I am doing a 10 minute spot work out. Its only 10 minutes outta my day. I am feeling great, even tho I am only taking in 500 calories my body is still burning 2000 calories of FAT! I have great energy and mentally I am just elated. That, I'm sure has to do with the amino acids I am taking. They raise and keep steady my serotonin levels. I am getting 100 oz. of water daily and getting 8 hours sleep every night. Good sleep too. With the help of some Valerian sometimes. 

If you want to view part of the DVD click below. 
The stretch alone is worth the price of the DVD its awesome!
Click here to view the stretch at

Other Stuff:
Sunday is my "Day of Rest" and I don't do a workout, but I do take the dog for a walk. But its a leisurely walk holding hands with hubby, stopping and talking to the neighbors. 
Happy Sunday!


Raggedy Girl said...

Good for you and hubby. How nice you are doing it together. I am a new reader but I love your blog and will stop in to visit
Roberta Anne

Really Rainey said...

Thank you Roberta Anne! Yes, it makes it so much easier on a diet like this if we are both on the protocol! Not just for the cooking but for the support too! Thanks for visiting... Stop by anytime I update a lot!

Joanne Kennedy said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in on A BETTER ME. There are no real rules you have to follow. It's going to just be a group of us who are trying to get more healthy, lose weight and just be a Better you.

You and your husband are already doing wonderful.

I was reading about the plan you are on. It sounds great. My only worry is that the FDA has not approved it. I've also heard some scary things about it. But I must say, you two seem to be doing great.

Is this your regular MD that you go to or a diet Dr.

This plan almost sounds to good to be true! So of course I'll be watching you guys closely.

I went on Opti Fast once and lost tons of weight but boy did I mess up my body. I think I've tried about every diet out there and even thought of doing the surgery where they put the band on you.

But, I'm going to give this another shot and really try to eat good healthy food and exercise.

It's so hard to lose weight and that is why I wanted to start the support group on our blogs.

On Wed will be the day we all post about our weight loss, tips, ideas and so on. So I hope you come back to my blog at least every Wed if not more often!

So happy to meet you.


Really Rainey said...
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Really Rainey said...

Hi Joanne!
Its always great to have lots of support when one decides to take a aggressive look at our health! And that is what hubby and I are doing... I have tried to lose weight for a year and a half, buy with a thyroid and adrenal problem the weight was just NOT coming off. That's when my naturopath doctor suggested this protocol.

This is round 2 for hubby and I. I lost 17 pounds in 25 days on the last round and hubby lost 15 pounds. We feel wonderful, we did our research, and frankly it works. The FDA has approved the drug, just not for weight loss. I haven't seen any "scary" things about it. Just lots of people who have bee successful at losing that hard to reach fat.

We have lots of energy and feel good. We are walking 2 miles a day. I know it sounds to good to be true! But it works and I am so happy to have found this protocol. I won't say its easy tho... You have to be strict with your self. But each round lasts 21 days. I can do anything for 21 days! Especially seeing the scale slide DOWN! *Grin*

A Better Me is a great idea!
Thanks for stopping by!

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