Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weight Loss update:
So we go to the Doc. tomorrow and I am going to tell her I am ready to get back to phase II. Its been three weeks now... or more and I am just ready to tackle this again and lose the weight. Now that I know how to do it... I want to get it done! I am going to try the three weeks on, three weeks off. We'll see what she says... I checked my original bottle of hCG with a kit and it said it was still good so I don't need to buy more. I think I have enough for 3 more weeks.

Hubby doesn't want to go back on the injections and the VLCD again till the new year. That's fine... I'm the cook and he will eat what I put in front of him anyway... hehehe... 

So far I am doing great on the Protocol that the Doc gave me... the Amino Acids work great! I feel full of energy and am NOT hungry. I eat for fuel for my body and not because I think I am hungry or for something to do... I am going to ask the Doc. tomorrow if I can take the amino acids while taking the hCG. I gained 4 pounds back from my original 20 pound loss at the end of round one on Phase II. But I lost two of those pounds already and I am holding my weight now for 4 days. 

Other Stuff: 

Got the tree almost done... There is a box way up in the rafters that I can't reach and I need to wait till hubby gets back. Its some flowers I put on the tree... to fill in the spots that are sparse.

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