Saturday, December 06, 2008

Weight loss update:
I gained back 4 pounds of the 20 I had lost... that's from Thanksgiving to today. So... its back to serious weight losing for me this week. Starring tomorrow I am back to 1000 calories, taking the proper amount of amino acids prescribed by my Doctor. Walking two miles twice a day and my work out (Fluidity) on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Other Stuff:
We had a magical time at Disneyland! Five days running around with the kids and grandkids... Losing 20 pounds and walking 2 to 4 miles a day really helped my stamina. I might have gained more if I hadn't been on my amino acids and all the walking we do in Disneyland... we estimated its a good 5 miles a day total!

I miss Disneyland already... But it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night.

Here is the pic I am using as our Christmas Card this year...

Here is a picture of me at Disneyland next to a rose called "Disneyland." It was cultivated by the Disney gardeners and now you can purchase it from 
Jackson Perkins.  (Just type Disneyland rose into their search engine) We planted it last year in our front yard and its doing wonderfully! Its really a magical rose too... it turns shades of yellow, orange and pink! 

Here is a pic of my "Disneyland" Rose from my yard:

I admit to being a major Disney geek! Our whole family is too and our grown kids are raising their kids to be Disney geeks too! Its in our blood!

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