Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seven pounds in Nine days!

Its official... I have lost a total of 7 pounds of fat in 9 days using Hcg Spray. (I took a body composition test at my Doctors office) I'm so happy and I feel really good. I have slowed down on the weight loss now but its averaging out to about 1/2 pound a day. I don't care... as long as I see the scale go down! Its go encouraging! This week I start the T-Tapp boot camp again. I stopped for the first week of Hcg so my body could adjust to the change in calories but I am ready to start up again. T-Tap is the perfect accompaniment to the Hcg Protocol. Its low impact and works your entire body. The T-Tapp will help whittle inches off my waist so I can fit into those jeans I need to wear on my trip to Alaska in a few weeks.

My Breakfast: A sliced Pacific Rose apple with cinnamon sprinkle.

Pacific Rose apple with a sprinkle of Organic cinnamon

 Lunch: 3 oz. Tuna lettuce wrap with lots of celery and onion
(Celery and onion combined to 3 oz)
Tuna with Dijon Mustard, onion and celery wrapped in lettuce

 Tuna isn't normally on the HCG protocol. 
I use the albacore tuna in water once in a while and I still lose weight. 

Dinner: 3 oz of Salad and 3 oz fish
Spinach Salad and crunchy Halibut
I used the allotted melba toast and crushed it up chunky with some Kirkland
"Sweet Mesquite Seasoning"
Then cooked it in a non stick skillet with a teaspoon of coconut oil.
Yes, I use coconut oil on the protocol and I still lose weight.
With the Tuna and the coconut oil try to see if it works for you.
Especially if you are on the 45 day protocol.
The biggest rules NOT to break on the Hcg Protocol are going over the 500 calories and eating sugar or oily fats.
For example: If I eat a beef steak or even a very lean ground beef steak I usually don't lose the next morning. However if I eat a Bison burger I'm fine and still lose the next day. Everyone is different and everyone responds diffefrent to food. That is why the list is very short for the protocol. That is why you need to be careful combining food too.
For example, I can combine onions with lettuce and also tomatoes and still lose. But if I combine other main veggies like say,  asparagus and tomatoes, or cabbage and tomatoes I won't lose and sometimes I gain the next day!
So just either stay pure to the diet or experiment slowly. If you stick to the basic rules you WILL lose weight.
I guarantee it!

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