Monday, February 07, 2011

A round of HCG

Its time to finish getting all this weight off!

So I've started another round of HCG

I'll be posting my progress and menu's and recipes.

I'm using the HCG called KetoMist. I've used the inject-able and the mist and I swear the mist works better. Give me 21 day's to prove it.

Its also time for my dog, Gadget to lose some weight with me. I choose to use the Science Diet Weight Loss System for Small breeds. (They offer a kit for large dogs too)
This kit makes it so easy!
She is on a VLCD also.
And she gets snacks too! 

We have walked our mile today.

What I ate today:

Coffee black with Truvia

Blue Mountain Coffee

Just a spoonful of Truvia goes a long way 

Beautiful Cara Cara Orange (2) one for morning snack and one for afternoon snack

Chinese Chicken lettuce wrap

Steamed Halibut with steamed Napa Cabbage
 I cooked these together in my bamboo steamer for 15 minutes.

I used the HCG spray again at 9:00pm and got to bed by 10:00
Sleep is important on the HCG diet.
I woke up to a one pound loss!


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Umair Paracha said...

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