Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day One & Two - Loading

Today we are preparing our bodies for the VLCD = Very Low Calorie Diet, by eating more fat in our diet than we usually would. Also we are eating foods that we really enjoy, because the VLCD food list is very restricted. By doing this we are ensuring that it is clear to the body that immediate fat is consumed and converted into energy! Then on day three when we swich to the VLCD the HCG will start looking for fat in the body... Fat that I have been storing away for years, and the HCG will convert that to energy.
I have been eating bacon, chocolate, mangos and brownies!
Yikes! It was so good.

I took my injection this morning and Kelly used her drops 1/2 hour before each meal today.

This is what I am using:

This is what Kelly is using:

One more day of loading, then on to the VLCD.
A very restricted food list indeed!
We took our photos...
We took our measurements...
On Day three we will so the cooking for the week.
I know this diet works.
And I know its safe.
My last two rounds I lost 20 pounds!

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