Sunday, January 04, 2009

Weight Loss update!
Here is another VLCD meal idea:

Chicken and spinach roll ups with baby cucumber spears and blackberries~YUM
No recipe needed. But I did spread on some mustard on the chicken breast before I put on the spinach and rolled them up. I used Mrs. Dash "table blend" on my baby cucumber spears. This quick and easy meal took me only minutes to make.


Raggedy Girl said...

You are sure making a small amount of calories look like a lot of food.
Roberta Anne

Really Rainey said...

Thanks Roberta Anne! I only eat like this for 23 days. Then I take a 5 to 6 week break and use a modified South Beach plan and eat 1200 calories.

Anonymous said...

Rainey! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! I love watching your blog progress...and YOU progress in this protocol!!!

Good for you! :)


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