Friday, January 23, 2009

Too good to be Tru?

Really Rainey's Truvia taste Test:

I was kind of in the dark about it... Since I already use Stevia when I am on the hCG Protocol and Agave Nectar when I can use more calories... I was skeptical of a NEW sweetener, especially one manufactured in part by Coke-cola Co. I never use asptertame or Sweet and Low or Splenda or any of that other fake sugar. But alas... Stevia does have a bitter after taste and so I don't use too much of it and tend to just use things un-sweetened, like my tea. I heard about Truvia on YouTube so I decided to do a taste test for myself when I saw "Melting momma" on YouTube try it straight on a fresh strawberry, something I would never try with a packet of straight Stevia.

I found Truvia at a local large grocery chain. And I heard Coke is putting it in a no calorie drink. And Pepsi Co. is making their own version of sweetner packets too called Purevia. I found it right along side the Truvia but I didn't buy it. I had a coupon for Truvia! Oh, and it wasn't too expensive either... like a package of Stevia from "Sweet Leaf" is almost $6.00, the Truvia was $3.99, then I had a 55 cents off coupon.

Since Stevia is an ALL NATURAL sweetener, no one can patented Stevia! 
 But they can patented the process and that is what makes me nervous about a product like this. Is it so over processed like sugar? Who knows at this point... all I know is that its safe for diabetics like my hubby and doesn't raise blood sugar.

Here it is... 
I opened the packed and it smelled WONDERFUL! 
I kid you not. 
And isn't it pretty? It looks just like sugar. 

Dipped my fresh strawberry in... Generously coating it just to make this a true taste test.


Mmmmmmmm... oh my gosh...

It was incredible... almost sinful in fact!
So I had this for breakfast!

But is it too good to be Tru? 
I don't know... 
But for now I'm using it while on the hCG protocol until further notice!
*Slipping 5 packets into my purse and 5 into Hubby's brief case!*

Oh by the way... ONE packet goes a long way. I tried it in my iced tea and only used 1/2 a packet and it was sweet tea! 
Watch the newspaper ads for a 55 cents off coupon!
(this one is void)

I got this info From Reader's Digest - November 2008 

"Truvia, the much-hyped natural, no-calorie sweetener, is joining the array of sugar substitutes on supermarket shelves this fall. Here's the scoop on this and other options you stir into your coffee.

Type: Natural sweeteners. Truvia is a granular substance made from the stevia plant; agave syrup comes from the agave plant.

Details: Unlike natural sugar, Truvia has no calories, but some say the taste is too licorice-like. Agave has 20 calories per teaspoon but sweetens more effectively than sugar, so you use less.

Pros and Cons: They're an option for those who want to avoid artificial ingredients while watching their weight. Be aware that the body expects calories to follow sweetness, so (as with all sweeteners) you may keep craving more.

Type: Artificial sweeteners. Sucralose (Splenda), aspartame (Equal), and saccharin (Sweet'N Low) are made of various chemicals that simulate the sweetness of sugar.

Details: All are essentially calorie-free. Some people are concerned about possible associations with cancer. However, the National Cancer Institute says there's no clear evidence of a link.

Pros and Cons: They're generally considered safe for healthy people. But a_recent study shows diet soda drinkers tend to gain weight, not lose it. So if you have concerns about these sweeteners anyway, avoid them.


Type: Sugars. Sucrose and fructose are carbohydrates that come from the sugarcane plant as well as from fruits, maple syrup, and corn syrup.

Details: Keep your intake to under 40 grams (about 10 teaspoons) of sugar a day. That's about one can of Coke. Remember that any unburned amount will turn to fat, and consistently high amounts may lead to insulin resistance.

Pros and Cons: Anyone with health problems like obesity or prediabetes should cut down on sugar. Stick with whole fruits, and try to wean yourself off sweet junk foods."

Can't wait to hear your comments!

Weight loss update:
27 pounds gone since Oct 20th!

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