Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its been 30 days and we are off the hCG injections. I have lost 19 pounds and Mike has lost 15! We are now doing what our Naturopath Doctor calls the "High Performance" part of weight loss. I am VERY happy with the results of the hCG Protocol. We followed the "Pounds and Inches" Protocol and I have to tell you. I have tried for a year to shed 10 pounds and I was able to get rid of almost 20 pounds of FAT with this protocol in a month! I know it was FAT because my doc. did a body composition on both of us. We lost NO muscle or water... only FAT!  We are both pretty happy with the results. So now we have to get through the Holidaze, then start another round in January 2009. 

I'm happy to be going to DisneyLand next week 20 pounds lighter!

This is our annual family trip. We go just when Disneyland gets up their Christmas decorations. It really puts the whole family in the mood for Christmas.

Thanksgiving is at our house again so I have already been making preparations . I'll post pix!

We were in Colorado last week. We stayed with my brother Kevin, and Kimmie and our nephews Mitch, Jake, Garrett and Chad. I had a blast with the boys. They took Auntie 4 wheeling... but it scared the crap outta me when they went off the road and heading for a pile of rocks... I though they were trying to scare ole Auntie so I played along and DARN if my nephew Chad didn't drive up and over a pile of rocks! *Huge sigh* Boys will be boys...

Auntie had to get out and take pix...

It was really fun spending time with the boyz. One day they took me to gather eggs. Oh my gosh those eggs are wonderful, I brought home a couple doz. Although we stayed busy there is something about being out in the country. The quiet, the darkness of the night... the whiney of the horses... It was fun and I can't wait to visit again.

 Kevin and Kimmies horses... 

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