Monday, November 24, 2008

Weight Loss Update:
This is the first day of the "High Performance" Protocol from our Doctor. So far I haven't gained or lost. My weight stayed the same after my last injection of hCG. Today I can start on 900 calories, with the Amino acids. We'll see...  I'm not too sure what I can eat. I see the Doc. today and she will let me know. 900 calories doesn't seem that far away from 500 calories! But I have more choices now. With the hCG protocol I could only eat certain food. 

Other Stuff:
Thanksgiving is coming up on us really fast. Then its the Holidaze. I am going to help hubby put the lights up on the house today. We will wait to do the inside till we get back from Disneyland next week.

Here is a pic of Cinderella's Castle I took last year. I hope they decorate it like this again this year. Actually this picture doesn't do the castle justice. It really takes your  breath away when you see it up-close.

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