Sunday, August 15, 2010

Team SummaTime Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Are YOU ready?

Measure today: 
Save and print: (or just use a piece of paper)

Copy and Print the menu and shopping list:

Team SummaTime Challenge Menu:

Breakfast: 6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, string cheese/chili omelet with salsa (recipe follows)
Lunch: Baked Chicken Salad in a lettuce cup (recipe follows)
Dinner: Garlic shrimp, green salad with 2 TAB your choice dressing (careful)
Breakfast: 6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, 2 Mini Egg cups (recipe follows)
Lunch: Turkey Roll ups
Dinner: Bison (or beef) Chili with or without beans
Breakfast: 6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, 1/2 grapefruit OR Strawberry Yogurt energy shake
Lunch: Left over Chili or large salad with chopped chicken 2 TAB dressing
Dinner: Pork tenderloin with Dijon sauce, Steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix
Breakfast: 6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, Eggs Bennie (recipe follows)
Lunch: Left over Pork tenderloin salad with Honey Dijon dressing
Dinner: Chicken Roulade W/ cauliflower mash
Breakfast: 6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, 2 mini Egg cups
Lunch: Cottage cheese salad with tomato and green onion
Dinner: Seared Scallops w/ coleslaw (recipe follows)
Breakfast:  6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, 1/2 grapefruit OR Strawberry Yogurt Shake
Lunch: warm diced chicken in a lettuce cup (recipe follows)
Dinner: Grilled white fish w/ tomato,cheese, basil salad
Breakfast: 6 Oz. Vegetable Juice Cocktail, Greet the Sun Breakfast pizza (recipe follows)
Lunch: Veggie soup (recipe follows)
Dinner: Mushroom/spinach Stuffed bison burgers W/ sautéed green beans.

Snacks you can choose from:
1 Stalk Celery stuffed with 2 Tab low fat (NOT NONFAT) cream cheese
10 slices of cucumber stuffed with 2 Tab cream cheese
1 package string cheese
1 stalk celery with 1 tab peanut butter

Team SummaTime Challenge Shopping list:
Copy, paste and print:

Week ONE Shopping list:
Vegetable Juice cocktail (V-8 juice or tomato juice)
2 Doz eggs
1 package Canadian Bacon (I think you guys in Canada call it “back bacon”?)
2 packages of LOW-fat cream cheese
1 package of string cheese
1 carton of low fat cottage cheese
2 cartons Low fat vanilla yogurt (or more if several people are on the menu)
Butter (Yes, I said butter NO margarine) you can get low fat if you can find it.
2 packages ground Bison or LOWest fat beef
1 large bag boneless skinless chicken breasts (Costco) 
1 bag of RAW shrimp
1 bag scallops
1 pork tenderloin (Small)
1 white fish filet (any kind)
1/2 pound Deli Turkey sliced thick (blade size- 4ish)
Mrs. Dash seasoning
1 jar Dijon Mustard
1 FIRM head iceberg lettuce
1 head romaine or red leaf lettuce
Small head red cabbage
Small head green cabbage
3 sweet onions
6 or more fresh tomatoes
1 carton cherry tomatoes 
1 bunch green onions
2 Garlic heads or a jar of already chopped
Small broccoli head
Small cauliflower head
1 or 2 Anaheim (long mild) or poblano (hot) chilis
2 bags spinach OR 4 large bunches (or a big Costco bag)
1 pound or pre-sliced package Bella mushrooms
1 bunch celery
1 bunch or package fresh basil (or basil from your garden)
1 package frozen green beans
(Mayo, ketchup, horseradish. peanut butter if you don’t already have that)
Strawberries fresh or frozen
Grapefruit fresh or in the little cups cut up
1 carton (not can) or Chicken Stock
Your choice of salad dressing... NO NON fat... LOW fat Okay
1 large or 2 small cans Diced Fire Roasted tomatoes (or reg.)
1 jar of salsa or your own homemade salsa
1 can of pinto beans (if desired in your chili)

We start Monday August 16th:
I will post recipes here with photos

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