Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exercise day!

Weight loss update:
I have shed 9 pounds in 12 days! Gosh...  I love this diet! I'm not gonna say its been easy tho... But it has been worth it. I already feel different this round. Fat is moving out and lean muscle is moving in! I added the extra exercise and I think I am onto something. For me at least. Everyone is different and everyone needs to find her stride when working toward losing unwanted fat.

I also take my dog out for a 2 mile walk everyday. We have a pretty fast pace, not a run or jog, just a brisk little walk and it takes us about 40 minutes. I listen to my ipod and enjoy the Arizona weather! Especially now when its beautiful! In a few months I am going to have to walk really early in the morning to avoid the searing heat. But in the summer I also swim everyday on top of walking. 

Here are some new posts of meals I have been having on this diet: 500 calories isn't very much so I have to make the best of it!

For lunch today we had Apple chicken sausage and Sweet Cucumber salad.
(For recipes just e-mail me)

For dinner last night we had Lime/Cilantro halibut and steamed asparagus. 

For dessert we had a bowl of fresh Strawberries.... Have you noticed how gorgeous strawberries are this year?

And of course I have all and more of my 8 eight ounce glasses or water and lemon or lime!
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