Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back on the hCG Protocol!

Its round three for Hubby and me!

We had our two load days and two injections and are ready to start on Monday the VLCD (very low calorie day) with hCG injections once again. The last two rounds were successful for us both and we are ready to lose the some more... I lost a total of 26 pounds and hubby lost a total of 15. Now we are shooting for the moon! We have set goals and although Hubby won't share his goals with me at this time I will share mine with you... 
I AIM to lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks!
That's only 3 pounds a week and I think I can do more than that on the protocol!
I think thats a realistic goal this time. But even more realistic is the fact that its boating season here soon and I don't want to be the fat chick on a boat anymore!
There I said it!

So we start tomorrow... Low calorie and specific foods along with an injection each morning of hCG. This round I will also be doing two workouts a week and walking 2 miles a day.

Here we go...


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! You are such an inspiration!! Sean and I are just beginning our new lifestyle journey!! I made Tofu burgers for dinner - not bad :-D Thanks for sharing your journey with us!! Keep up the good work!

Really Rainey said...

Thanks Kellly! I will... I post pix of the food we eat on the journey as much as I can... most times we are so hungry I don't have time to get the camera!

Take care there :)
Love Rainey

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