Thursday, July 23, 2015

Experiment Update

Update: I've lost 5 pounds since Day One...

With all the traveling we've been doing its been hard to stay on any kind of a routine. But being back home and starting this experiment I've been able to drop the 6 pound weight gain and am back to where I was at this darn plateau! This morning I weighted and I was down a half of a pound and officially on the downside of the scale. If I can keep this up... that means the plateau is shattered and I'll be losing pounds and inches one again. Of course the lesson here is consistency! You don't have that when you are traveling, especially when you are traveling by air. You really are at the mercy of the airlines, airport, times zones and flight times. At a later time I'll figure out how to stay consistent while traveling, but right now I'm focused on this little experiment while I'll be home for 21 days straight.

I'm very encouraged. I'm not hungry (and when I am I eat) and I am feeling great. A couple things I have noticed...

  1. I know we've all heard this time and time again... DRINK MORE WATER! I've started chugging slightly chilled water, 6 oz (Juice glass size) every hour. Its actually been easy... I start around 9:00 and continue all through the day. Brining a water bottle everywhere I go. If I am home I just fill up my juice glass right from the fridge with filtered water. So far so easy.
  2. When on the HCG its recommended that you don't do any strenuous exercise. But walking is good. So I walk... but I found its been better to walk in the evening rather than in the morning when I've not taken in a lot of calories during the night and the morning, with only coffee for breakfast with 2 tab. cream. So an afternoon walk it is! Feeling awesome!
  3. Craving fruit or peanut butter. Not together but sometimes yes. Apple with 1 small tablespoon of peanut butter has been afternoon snack of choice. Sometime I do switch it up and have celery and peanut butter tho. I need to top eating the peanut butter every day tho.
Other than that its been pretty easy dropping those 5 pounds. Now lets see if I can keep those last 5, I call em "travel pounds" off for good and stay on the downhill of my weight loss.

One thing that I am doing differently... Because its hot here is blending my fruit in my NutrabulletRX. (No, Im not affiliated with NutrabulletRX, I just wanted to show you this amazing machine) So I peel an orange cut it up... pop it into a blender with 1 cup of water, about 6 ice cubes a couple of fresh or frozen strawberries and let the Nutrabullet do it things... YUM! A cold refreshing juice, totally healthy because I am using the whole fruit and filling because I'm getting the fiber, plus all those frothy bubbles that fill me up. I count that as one of my daily fruits. I have it before or after my walk. (Its too hot here in Arizona to walk outside now so I've been on the boring treadmill) Its really good too. (Sometimes I do put in some Truvia if the orange is particularly sour or I'm making this with a ruby red grapefruit.) Here's a photo of my orange strawberry drink I call the "naked pink lady". If you are not on the HCG diet you can add some protein powder or yogurt for a more nutritious drink, but then its a smoothie. 

 Here's a photo of yesterdays "Naked Pink Lady"
Smooth, frothy, filling and refreshing.

Here's the NutrabulletRX its pretty amazing! 

Ok I'll update soon...

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