Friday, January 09, 2015

Reached a Mini Goal!

I'm so excited to announce that I have reached a mini goal set for myself! I wanted to lose 18 pounds before I started the 60 T-Tapp Challenge for 2015! I DID IT! This morning at weigh in! In the nick of time too, as the Challenge starts Saturday January 10th!

I'm having a hard time articulating how good this really does feel. I've been trying to hard to lose weight. Its so devastating when you work really hard doing the right things and nothing, not a damn thing happens. Doctors blame you, you blame you. Your supporters wonder what you're doing wrong. Its frustrating and depressing.

I had such mixed emotions when I finally went to a specialty weight loss Doctor. When she told me I have PCOS and extreme insulin resistance, where type 2 diabetes is just waiting for you to make one wrong move before it takes over your body. I was an emotional wreck of good and bad feelings!
On one had I was so happy for finally find out why all my hard work wasn't paying off. On the other hand... why hadn't my 2 naturopaths and family doctors never figured this out! I had ALL the classic symptoms!!!! HELLO????

But with the proper mixture of medicine, pharmaceuticals and natural medications I have finally been ale to leave the dock and start my weight loss journey!

Since October 15th 2014 to January 9th I've lost a firm 18 pounds!

Its time to set a new goal.

I start the challenge tomorrow. My new goal is... 20 pounds! I know that sounds like a lot in 2 months, but I am eating a low calorie and more important low glycemic meals. So that kind of weight loss is do-able. I just lost 18 pounds during the last two months and that was with no workouts at all!
However I may convert this goal into inches. Because that's the way T-Tapp works... Inches not so much pounds...
The weight-loss in pounds is the icing on the cake with T-Tapp.

If your still with me on this journey Thanks!


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