Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another 2 pounds! WHAT?

Moving right along... I've lost another 2 pounds since Nov. 12! 

I had a Doctors appt. yesterday. My weight loss Doc. I've officially lost 14 pounds in a little over a month. And 3 inches off of my waist! The combination of meds I'm on is working. Often times its a delicate balance each week when you are talking about hormones and insulin resistance. Because I'm taking the Belviq and Metformin I have to get a blood test every 6 weeks in the beginning, so I go next week for a blood draw and then another Doc appt.

So my appt. yesterday my blood pressure was pretty high. Doc's not sure why so she's put me on a diuretic to see if that helps. I have another appt. on Dec. 18 and well see if that med change worked. She also put me on a huge potassium pill! Then of course I needed my monthly refill for Belviq. As she handed me ALL those prescriptions I looked at her kind of sadly. She knows I don't like taking pharmaceuticals. She smiled and must have read my mind. Then told me "these aren't forever medications. At the rate of your improvement you'll be off all of these within a year, most likely even your blood pressure meds. Hang in there and trust me." She hasn't steered me wrong yet... And since I'm defiantly feeling better and losing weight the right way, I'm going to go on faith here and trust her.

So here's the plan: 
My goal per month is 10 pounds. Doc feels since I'm eating well (Low carb. Low GI) and working out its a very reasonable goal. I'd like to lose another 70 pounds. (Yes, I'm very overweight) So that's another 7 months on the Belviq. Then once I've reached my goal, to stay on the Belviq another 3 months to maintain and ween off the Belviq until I can maintain my new weight on my own. Along the way we will do blood work and re-adjust the other meds accordingly. 

Breaking it down. I'm going to take this one month at a time. I lost 10 pounds in November and 4 pounds in December! I'm not expecting to lose that much every month. Ten pounds a month is a good goal tho with the low carb meals and working out 7 days a week. So when you see the ticker at the bottom of my blog posts, its in the current month and reflecting my 10 pound goal not my overall goal. My over all goal ticker is at the top of my blog.

So now that we've covered the meds... lets get into to how and why I added a workout. The "how" you ask? Well I've been so out of shape. Plus being so heavy its hard on the body. So working out was painful and with the insulin resistance I would be SO tired after a workout that I would need a couple of days recovery time. So I turned to a workout called T-Tapp. T-Tapp is a mind body workout that works. Its aerobic but not crushing your bones aerobic. Its stretching and moving and everything you do has a purpose. It also helps balance hormones and blood sugar. Here is an example:

I've started doing this workout 3 times a week. I've added it to my bike riding which I do every day.
This workout is really been the boost I've been looking for. I've tried so many aerobic workouts and this is that only one that has worked for me. I'll never be a gym rat. Its just not my style. I feel this workout really fits my needs and you can do it in your living room as you don't need a lot of space for jumping around. In fact my hubby and I can do this work out side by side in the living room with no troubles.


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