Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Its been a while...

I am going to be honest here... I gave up for a while. I had been watching what I eat... Eating clean. Low carb, working out on the treadmill and doing the T-Tapp MORE workout. I tried HCG and lost a few pounds but they came right back with a vengeance. And NOTHING. I couldn't lose weight no matter what I tried. I was frustrated, unhappy and confused. Why can't I lose weight?

I went to my cardiologist because my my blood pressure was getting out of control, and even with meds its still hard to get down. I went to two naturopaths for a couple of years. One put me on HCG and the other just had me monitoring my calories. I kept telling my doctors "I'm so tired." They both checked my thyroid (because I've have had hypothyroid for 10 years and I'm on Naturthroid) And said my T3 and T4 is fine.

So I gave up.. deciding to embrace my "curvy" body and just accept the fact that I'm fat. I'm a Gramma after all... I need that cushy tummy for all my lap sitting grandkiddos. But alas... I wasn't happy. I was getting fatter too... My Daddy passed away from a heart attack a year ago and I gained 20 pounds! I really was sick and tired... Literally. I'd get on the floor with the kids and need help up. I'd go to Disneyland with the kids and rested more that I ran. I got winded doing my work out. Then I got scared. Then I was done "embracing my curvy body".

Through the help of my daughter in love I found a new doctor. Something was wrong and I needed to know what. It's not that I didn't want to be fat anymore but now I was getting sick from my weight. My knees hurt, my blood pressure was very high (even on meds) my lower back hurt and would occasionally spasm to the point that I needed bed rest. Yeah, I was DONE with being unfit and over weight.

My new doctor actually specializes in healthy hormones and weight loss. My first visit was brief, she weighed me (cringe) and we talked about symptoms... ALOT... Then she ordered a blood test and I made another appt. to go over the tests. When I went to the second appt. she told me that her suspicions were correct after my first visit. I have PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) and Insulin resistance. (Which usually go hand in hand.) My Insulin Resistance numbers were so high that she put me on a medication right away. Metformin. My free insulin was 47 and my total insulin was 61. She wants it down to 5 or 6!  She said no wonder you are so tired. The carbs you eat are not turning into energy! They are being stored in fat cells! Oh Jeeze... She also put me on a progesterone cream and a new drug called Belviq.

She also told me to get the book The GI diet for Dummies.

She dislikes the name of the book... but she said its to be my bible for the next part of my life. Understanding the Glycemic Index will help me not only lose weight but get to a more healthy place with my body.

Okay I'm in!

Sigh me up!

I've been on the Metformin, progesterone cream, and the Belviq faithfully for a week now and I have lost 7 pounds and 1 inch off my waist! However there are some disagreeable side effects to the Metformin and Belviq that I'm struggling with... None though that are going to make me quit taking it. Not with these results!

So join me on this continuing journey to be fit for the rest of my life! Especially if you are having trouble losing weight and are so terribly tired.
I'll be posting meals with low GI numbers and my progress with the PCOS and Insulin resistance. With blood tests and how I'm feeling. And inch and pounds lost. How my energy levels are and what work outs I've been able to do.


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